"World Environment Day" 5th June 2021, environment, oxygen, plants

World Environment Day


An Environment is the natural world. It’s the natural surroundings which helps us to live.  We are alive because of environment. So it’s our duty to make our earth clean and protect our environment. 

As we all know plants and trees give us oxygen and without oxygen we can’t survive on earth. Human are cutting trees and jungle for their advantage but he forgot that this is the only source of our life. 
If we want to save earth, we have to be nature lover. We should teach our children to grow plants and love them. 
Pollution is the main cause of harming environment.  Factories, cutting trees, vehicles pollution and harming animals are making it worse day by day.
We can’t blame government all the time that they are not making any law to protect environment. Actually it’s our duty also. Government can make laws only. If we people will not follow rules than there is no use of any kind of law. 
As our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji says if every single Indian will belive that he will protect environment than we will easily make it clean. So understand your duty towards environment and country.
Still there are many people who don’t care about environment. We can see many times, people are sitting in luxurious car but throwing papers and rappers on the roads. They don’t know they will keep their cars clean like this but harming environment.
 If educated people will do this what can we expect from uneducated and village people.
Air conditioners are also throwing heat into environment. I am also using ac at my home and it’s very necessary actually. All we have to do is just to limit our ac’s timing. Use it only when it’s necessary. There are many people who are using ac 18 to 20 hours and thinks theirself high-tech or luxurious. Actually they don’t know they are ruining environment.
I am also a nature lover. I have many plants in my home. I am trying to grow vegetables also. I feel very happy to see if a flower blooms and if a plant become dry I feel sad.
 I always teach my daughter not to harm plants and flowers. When she pluck a flower I told her that plants also hurts.
If we will not taking care of nature and trying to harm it, nature will take revenge in the form of thunder storm, earthquake and many other ways.
So educate yourself and your kids also not to harm our nature and environment. We have to start this from our homes. 
Grow plants and save nature. Be a nature lover to protect our environment.