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What is Depression all about

What is depression?

 Depression is all about a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that affect a person’s activities and destroyed their life also if proper treatment is not giving to the patient.

Depression can be seen in many ways. Anyone can be depressed at any age.  Depression is very dangerous among youth. Many young people commit suicide due to depression. 
Actually in our society still people don’t agree that depression is a disease. If our any family member tells our elders that he or she is feeling depressed, no one ever will take her seriously. According to them, depression is nothing but sadness. If we are sad we will automatically feel depress and if we are happy we will not be depressed.
But actually, depression is all about a  disease.
A disease that can get worse in depression

These diseases are already very serious, but with depression, people can lose interest in life. If anyone wants to cure with any type of disease, the first and most important things are positivity. With a positive attitude, one can cure any physical and mental problem. A depressed person can never feel positive and this is the drawback of depression.
Symptoms of Depression

Depression is considered a serious medical condition which can get worse without proper treatment. So it’s important to know the symptoms of depression.
1. Mood swings
2. Emotionally lost
3. Change in behaviour
4. Lost interest in sexual desires
5. Difficulties in concentration
6. Sleeping problems
7. Physical problems
8. Low energy
9. Weight loss
10. Weight gain
Symptoms can be different for men, women and children. These symptoms prove that depression is not just in your mind, it can extend beyond your head. All symptoms are all about depression
Causes of Depression

1.Family history-
If you have family history from depression you can be on higher risk.

2. Childhood trauma-
If a child felt any type of trauma in childhood that memory can’t be removed from her/his mind and that can be a risk of depression.
3.Medical conditions
Certain conditions of illness produce a high risk of depression. Long time illness increases the risk of depression.
4. Drug use
Use of drug and alcohol can be the biggest reason for depression.
5. Mental illness
If a person or any of a family member
 is mentally ill he can be depressed.

6. Stressful routine
Stressful routine can be a big reason for depression. 
7. Economic problem
The economic problem gives us tensions when it gets bigger with time a person goes in depression.
8. Family problem
A child can be depressed with family problems such as negligence, bad behaviour of parents, the bad environment of family and many other things
9.Probelematic marriage
If anyone having problems in married life and can’t share things with others, it gives depression.
10. Love related problems and divorce
Having problem in love life and divorce can get a person into depression.
Treatment of depression
Treatment of depression can help a patient to come out of the situation. Living with depression and don’t talk about depression is very difficult and not the solution for sure.
If anyone feeling depression, they should talk about their family and go for its treatment. Now there are many ways to tackle depression.
A patient needs support to deal with depression. If a person is feeling depressed and family members don’t take him serious it affects the patient and then depression can be more serious. So with family support, any disease can be the cure.

2. Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy is a big solution for depression. The patient must go to a psychotherapist for treatment. Sometimes counselling gives better results. 

3. Exercise
Exercise is the best way to keep ourself healthy. Regular exercise gives positivity and refreshing life and this is the best way to be happy and healthy.
4. Meditation and Yoga
Meditation and yoga is a full proof treatment to cure depression. A person lost their concentration due to depression but if he does yoga and meditation daily, he can get better results.

5. Avoid drugs and alcohol
Avoidance of drugs and alcohol is a good way to defeat depression.

6. Healthy diet
A healthy diet is a good source of living a  healthy life. I’m today’s world nothing is pure but if we manage to eat healthily we will be fit for sure.
 So, now we have an answer to the question of what is depression all about?
Depression is not a big problem if we deal it with little concern. Family members should also try to be serious about the problem. They should talk more to the patient and try to know the problem and find out if anyone giving any trouble to the patient, if yes than raise your voice against that person. 
Family support is very important for a person who is feeling depressed.
So don’t just be with depression. 
Try to come out with the situation and the world is all yours.