What encourage me to start blogging

Whenever I thought of to do something creative, I can’t find any idea that can match my thoughts and interest.

I have google it many times but still I didn’t get any idea.
I have tried many things that can please me but the result remains zero.
Sometimes I thinks that the biggest problem is me who don’t even know what to do.
Most of time I feel my all education and degrees are total waste nothing else.
That self realisation makes me angry sometimes. 
Actually this is not my fault.
This is the fault of the education system of small cities.
Most of students secure really good marks but they don’t have any kind of practical knowledge.
Our schools and colleges don’t focus on practical knowledge that time.
Now-a-days schools are focusing for all round development of students and that’s really appreciable.
But what i am talking about 90s kids.
Not every kid gets privet school’s education that time. 
In government schools their is no extra curriculum activities. What we get is only bookish education that is no longer in use in practical life. 
Perhaps for particular my case, I always been a good student.
I have many degrees but still I don’t have any practical knowledge of my relevant field.
Small city is also a big reason for not doing anything good because their were limited resources that time and the most important thing is our families.
They actually don’t like if their childrens go out of city for getting some good education which is not possible in their home town and that rule was specially for girl child. Whenever i thought of this it makes me sad and angry.
Once I got a chance to get a degree from a reputeted university of a big city. I was very excited because I want the same. 
During my degree there, I realised till now I earned only degree not knowledge.
It’s a harsh reality of my life. When I can’t find suitable work that makes me happy, I  choose this plateform to share as much as possible that can help me to groom from inside. 
This is the reason for blogging.
Hope my words would be able to share my emotions and knowledge. 
Stay tuned !!