Top 12 things you must know about Diabetes


Top 12 things you must know about Diabetes

Diabetes, A metabolic disease in which sugar remains in blood and causes various diseases. The food we eat is a source of sugar in blood. A hormone called insulin which is released by the pancreas, works to break sugar into energy which is consumed by the body. When there is insufficient or no insulin released by pancreas, Diabetes forms in terms of blood sugar.  

In this article you will find much information regarding Diabetes.

  1. Types of Diabetes: 

there are two major types of Types of Diabetes,

a). Type 1: 

When the immune system of the body works against cells of pancreas where insulin used to be made. Type 1 Types of Diabetes presence. 

b). Type 2: 

when the body develops resistance towards insulin and sugar remains in blood in excess, type 2 Types of Diabetes occur.   

  1. Which Diabetes is genetic: 

Now a question arises that Does  Diabetes genetic and if yes then which type of Diabetes is genetic. So, the answer is yes,  Diabetes can be genetic. Type 2 Diabetes is genetic. If parents have type 2 Diabetes then there are higher chances to inherit type 2 Diabetes into their childerns.

  1. Which Diabetes is worse, Type 1 or Type 2:

Diabetes is harmful in both types. Type 1 diabetes leads to kidney, eyes and vessels complications whereas Type 2  Diabetes leads towards stroke and heart disease.  Extreme cases can lead to coma, paralysis, or death itself. People must be careful in both cases.    

  1. Diabetes like symptoms: 

Your body will starts giving you sign of being affected  with Diabetes, thess sign can be hunger, thirstier, peeing more than usual, dry mouth, yeast infection (yeasts feeds on glucose to develop), slow healing of wounds, sleepy, week, blur vision, sudden weight gain/loss, sugar in urine,  Blood glucose  higher than normal range milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl)

  1. Diabetes is caused by:

Diabetes is caused by various factors. Family history, diet consumption, daily schedule etc many factors involved in Diabetes. These can be some external factors. While as per internal factors, Type 1 Diabetes is caused when the pancreas is not able to produce insulin and Type 2 Diabetes is caused when the body starts to become resistant to insulin.  

  1.  How Diabetes Affects the body:

Diabetes has many consequences shown on the body If it goes uncontrollable. Uncontrolled Diabetes can lead to Heart disease, Nerve complication, kidney disease, eyes complications, sudden weight loss/gain etc many consequences.  

  1. What happens When Diabetes low/high: 

When insulin level in the body is very low then blood sugar level goes high respectively. This situation of high blood sugar is very critical. It can damage vessels resulting in a high risk of heart stroke, nerve breakdown, kidney damage, eyes damage etc. whereas insulin level in the body is high and sugar content in blood goes down as the patient feels drowsiness and unconsciousness. This situation leads to a coma-like situation. 

  1. Diabetes without insulin: 

In some cases of Type 2 Diabetes, there is no need for insulin intake because the body becomes resistant towards insulin. In such cases change in diet, lifestyle and in cases surgery for weight removal would be suggested, but the practice of without insulin options MUST BE required a supervision and direction by doctor. 

  1. Diabetes in kids: 

Diabetes in kids can be in both types. As Diabetes recognized in kids, there must be consultation and starts treatment without any failure. Early recognition and treatment can cure the disease.  A serious supervision of a doctor is a must. 

  1. Diabetes in pregnancy:

This type of Diabetes, known as gestational diabetes, when blood sugar rises during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can be cured in two ways: one is diet & exercise and other way is medicine. Hormonal changes during pregnancy are responsible for gestational diabetes . gestational diabetes will cure by giving birth but can lead to type 2 diabetes in later years of life. 

  1. Diabetes and Covid: 

our whole world is facing COVID 19 pandemic. If a person is diabetic and gets infected with Covid 19 then the situation can be more complicated than non-diabetic patient. Diabetes is responsible for slower recovery during Covid 19 infection. In some cases combination of Covid infection and diabetes effects combinedly make it tough to recover from infection.   

  1. Diabetes can be cured:

A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, positive ecosystem, and doctors guidance can help to recover from diabetes. It can take time to recover from diabetes but it can be curable or at least controllable.

Diabetes is a curse to the body as it leads to many incurable diseases. Everyone should be careful about diabetes. Hope this article Top 12 things you must know about Diabetes helps you to understand diabetes in a simple manner. People must consult a doctor without wasting time if they encounter any symptom of diabetes.