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Top 10 Indian inventions that change the world and we should know about them.

India has a great history and the oldest civilization in the world. India is a land of inventions also. 
India has contributed to almost every field in the world. Probably we don’t know about all. Most of the things we used in our daily life but we didn’t know that it’s an Indian invention. So let me introduce some of the Indian inventions which probably we don’t know, that these things were invented in India. 
1. Buttons

Yes, you heard it right. Buttons were invented in India. It was first used in Mohanjo- daro civilization. They used it as an ornament. Later it used for fastening clothes.
2. Chess

 Chess is an ancient Indian board game. The game originated in northern India in the 6th century AD. Earlier chess is a game called chaturanga. it’s a Sanskrit word which means having four limbs. Chess is developed during the Gupta Empire.

3. Rulers

Rulers were first used by Indus valley civilization part of India which consists of inches and centimetre. It is also used for measuring distancing and draw straight lines. It is very useful in geometry, technical studies and many other things. The ruler has required in every field whether it’s tailoring, architecture, flooring and technical field.

4. Shampoo

The word shampoo derived from Hindi word champoo and the word champoo originated from Sanskrit word chapyati which means to message or press. Earlier people in India used natural shampoo that contains amla and shikakai herbs to wash their hairs.

5. Snake and ladder game

Snake and ladder is a board game of ancient India. It was known as the name of Mokshapatam or moksha patamu. The game was known for giving moral instructions to children. The game snake and ladder is very popular till now. 

6. Cotton

India invented cotton about 6000 B.C. cotton played an important role in the history of India. The Indus Valley civilization started cultivating cotton by 3000 BCE. The cotton was mentioned in Hindu Hymns in 1500BC. The first cotton mill was established in 1818 at Fort Gloster near Kolkata. Gujrat is the largest producer of cotton in India.

7. Steel and metal works

India has a remarkable history of steel and metal works. High-quality steel was produced in India almost 2000 year back. Steel produces by a method known in ancient India.

8. Zero

The concept of zero was fully developed in India around 5th century A.D. Though zero means having nothing but in mathematics, an equation can be changed by zero. 

Zero and it’s termed first originated by Brahmgupta in 628. He was an astronomer and mathematician. 

9. Ayurveda

Ayurvedic therapy is the most reliable therapy among all medicinal practice. Ayurvedic medicine has no side effects. That’s why it is popular now. India has given Ayurveda to the world. The father of Ayurveda “Acharya Charak”, who documented his concepts in “Charak Sanhita”  which is first known document ever in medical science. Ayurveda means natural therapy. In this world of science, many people are interested in Ayurveda therapy. That is the power of India and Indian Ayurveda.

10. Cataract surgery

This is also the biggest revolution in the field of medicine by India. India gave the world the concept of cataract surgery.

Sushruta the Indian physician-developed in the 3rd century C.E. Later it developed all over the world.

Though above-mentioned inventions are very few Indian inventions. The list is not ended yet, it’s huge. 

There are many other inventions also by India time to time especially when the rest of the world was about to start learning the basics of civilization, India invented a lot till that time. 

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