Top 10 food that harm kid’s health

As we all know junk food harms our health but still we eat junk food because it tastes delicious but all the delicious food is not healthy. Nowadays kids are also liking junk

food and it gives long term health problems to them. Weight gain and obesity is the

main problem for kids. There are lots of foods which our kids like so much but we

don’t know the side effects and the harmful elements. There are lots of food items

that harm kids’ health. I am here with 10 foods that harm our kids’ health.

  1. Maggi (Noodles)

Maggi is a favorite food of all age groups. It’s most likely food for kids also but when we give

maggi to our kids, we don’t know we are serving food that can harm our kids. Maggi Noodles

are made of refined flour(Maida), and can be given many diseases. Maggi contains MSG

(monosodium glutamate) and lead which is concentrated salt used as a flavor enhancer and

excessive amounts of lead which causes health problems like mental and physical impairment

in children, skin rashes, itching, nausea, vomiting, migraine and depression. So, avoid the food

that harms kid’s health and always tell them to eat healthy food. 

  1. White bread

White bread is a common food that everyone has in their kitchen. Most people eat bread for

breakfast daily. White bread is not healthy because it is made of refined flour. It harms kids’

health also. If you eat too much bread, because of all the carbs, salt, refined sugar and

preservatives that it contains, it can make you and your kids gain weight also. Overeating may

increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease in later years  of life.

  1. Pizza

Pizza has a large source of calories, saturated fat and salt that harms kid’s health. Kids should

not eat more than two slices. Kids should not eat more than one or two slices of pizza for a

meal, and should pair that with salad, rather than with another high-calorie food.

Children took in an additional 84 calories 3g of saturated fat and 134 mg of sodium on days that they ate pizza, compared with pizza-free days.

For adolescents, pizza days meant an extra 230 calories, 5g of saturated fat and 484 mg of sodium – 24%

and 21% of their recommended daily intake for fat and sodium, respectively.

  1. Candies

Kids love Candy but they don’t know about the disadvantages of candies. Candies have access

to sugar that harms kids’ health. Regular consumption of sugary food can harm a kid’s tooth.

Sometimes dental problems lead to infections. Always teach your kids to brush after having

candies and sugary beverages. Regular tooth brushing is a good habit for kids and adults also.

  1. Cakes and pastries

Cake and pastries always look delicious to kids and adults as well. It has lots of calories, sugar,

chocolate, fat and sodium that is very harmful for our kids. Cake is a symbol of celebration and

joy but it’s more than a junk food. The sugary element is harmful for the health of our kids.

The harmful ingredients in cakes and pastries are white flour (maida), white sugar, high

saturated fat (Butter/cream/Dalda) and high dietary cholesterol (egg).

  1. Cold Drink and juices

Cold drinks are most common drinks in summers. Kids enjoyed cold drinks so much but cold

drinks are the most dangerous drink for kids and adults. We should avoid those drinks. It has a

high amount of sugar and is harmful for the body and tooth. Try to avoid giving cold drinks to

kids and give them fresh fruit juices.

  1. Sauces

Kids enjoyed sauces so much. The harmful elements in sauces are sugar, salt, red chilies and

chemical preservatives (citric acid etc.). Ketchup is filled with some basic ingredients, many of

which can be extremely harmful to your health. They include tomato concentrate, distilled

vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, regular corn syrup, salt, onion powder, and natural flavorings.


  1. Potato chips

Potato chips are tasty and easily available snaks and most liked snacks by kids. Chips are high

in calories which can be a risk of weight gain and obesity.  One ounce of plain potato chips, or

about 15 to 20 chips, contains about 10 grams of fat and 154 calories. You can give home made

potato chips sometimes.

  1. Ice cream

Ice cream has lots of preservatives, fat, sugar, artificial ingredients, and food coloring . It is a cause of weight gain in kids. Ice cream has

an excess of sugar and food coloring that affects kid’s health.

  1. Pancakes, biscuit and cookies

Pancakes, biscuits and cookies are made of refined flour(maida). That causes weight gain and

obesity in kids. Pancakes syrup contains high fructose corn syrup, it can cause the

inflammation that drives insulin resistance, which may lead to prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Try to avoid food that harms kid’s health and give them another tasty and healthy food that helps

them grow. Access to everything is harmful. So set a limit to give above mentioned food to kids. 

Thanks for reading..

Stay safe..