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Some Amazing Facts about Cricket

             Amazing Facts About Cricket

1.   The first match of cricket  was played on March 15, 1877. 

    2.  Cricket is the world’s second most popular spectator sport after association football.   

3.  Cricket faced its first real crisis during the 18th century when major matches virtually   ceased during the Seven Years’ War.


4. The first ever international Cricket game was between the US and Canada in 1844. The match was first played at the grounds of the St. George’s Cricket Club in New York.


5. The length of the cricket pitch remained unchanged. The length of the cricket pitch is 66ft and it was the same when the first cricket match was played.

6. William Gilbert Grace is considered as the father of cricket. He played amateur cricket in England and is credited for helping develop the sport into the modern obsession that it has become.

7. Sachin was the first cricketer to be given a run out by the third umpire in 1992.

8. Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to hit a 37 ball century in an ODI.

9. The only country to win the 60-Over, 50-Over and 20-Over World Cup is India.

10. Sir Don Bradman hit only 6 sixes in his career. He hit five sixes against England and one against India.


11. The shortest Test match was played between England and Australia at Trent Bridge on 12 June 1926. There were only 50 minutes played in which 17.2 overs were bowled and England scored 32-0.


  12.  The only bowler to dismiss Don Bradman hit a wicket in Test cricket is Lala Amarnath;                   it happened in Brisbane in 1948. 

These are some amazing facts about Cricket. Every Cricket’s fan must know about them. 

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