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Nau-Tapa “नौतपा”

Nau-Tapa 2021

This year Nau-Tapa occurs between 25 May ~ 02 June 2021. 
In this 9 days duration Earth is closest to Sun, resulting hottest days of season. 
It is said, if there is no rain and cold wind in any way during these nine days, then it is believed that good rain will come in this season.

As of Indian astrology and Panchang, Sun stays in Rohini Nakshtra in this period, once in a year, resulting raise in temperature.  These days the Sun is closest to the Earth. In this nakshatra, the sun will stay for about 15 days. But the heat rises a lot in the initial 9 days.


As of modern science this is the time when distance between Sun & Earth is shortest. 
So, mates kindly stay at home during day hours, consume more water as you can and stay safe.
However don’t forget Covid 19 Epidemic too. 
Take care !!