My Weight Loss Journey

Every girl’s biggest nightmare is to become fat. Actually nobody wants to see herself fat.

 After conceiving I was on bed rest till delivery. In this whole journey I always scared of my weight which is increasing month by month.
I have gained 20 kg weight. I know this was a blunder for me but that time i was only thinking about my baby. As I was eating healthy food but I eat paratha too much because I didn’t like chapatis that time.
During pregnancy I decided I will not remain like that for my coming whole life and I will loose my weight for sure.
Since childhood I have never been fat so it was difficult for me to accept me as fatty,  so i promised myself that I will loose weight for sure and will join gym if my weight will not come under control.
I have c section delivery and it’s not possible to join gym and do workout so soon. For this I have to wait for 6 month.
After 6 month it’s safe to do workout as stitches got healed. So first I started home workout with yoga and cardio session for one month.
After delivery my weight reached on 80 to 74.
I have done hard work for 1 month but it didn’t help me loosing weight. So after big disappointment, I decided to join gym.
After joining I have done hard work and followed strict diet. At the end when I checked my weight I was delightfull because I lost 3 kg weight in one month.
I can’t tell you that feeling it was amazing.
After loosing 3 kg weight I got more confidence. months passing and I was doing my hard work and shedding sweat in the gym.
I lost 15 kg in 4 months. Now I am more slim and more confident. After that whenever I feel that I am gaining weight, I joined gym and control my weight. 
Now my weight is ok it’s not up to the mark but I look slim now.
Now daily exercise is in schedule at my home resulting my weight is under control.
If you are dedicated and disciplined, excessive weight is not a problem. 
So girls don’t be disappointed if u gained weight by any reason.
Have faith in yourself. Positive attitude, hard work, balanced and healthy diet Then Weight will never be a problem.