My travel experience of Daman

This is my first travel blog. I have been at many beautiful places in india. There are many beautiful places in India and the beauty of Indian places can not be expressed in words. My latest destination was Daman, it’s perfect place for family vacation. I am sharing my experience of Daman in my words.

Daman is the capital city of Indian union territory’s of Dadra and Nagar Haweli and Daman and diu. It’s a municipal council situates in Daman district of union territory’s.

Daman divides in to two parts. First is Nani Daman and the second is Moti Daman. Nani means small and Moti means big, but don’t go on its name, Nani Daman is larger than Moti Daman. Vapi is the nearest city to Daman.

Our journey begins

We started our journey from delhi to vadodara via by flight. From vadodara we move to Daman by train. Vapi is the nearest railway station to Daman.

Vapi is a small but nice city of Gujrat. it’s a industrial area and well planned city. After reaching Vapi we have to move to Daman. At Vapi station we enquired about way to Daman. There were options of Taxi and Auto for Daman. We decide to go via taxi.  That Taxi driver was really helpful and had a good knowledge of area. On the way to Daman, he told us many things about Daman.  As we hear and researched that that Jampore beach is the cleanest beach of Daman so we decided to stay near Jampore beach. We didn’t book any hotel before reaching there, when me and my husband was discussing about which hotel is good and we are checking through Google, that taxi driver is listening our all talks and he interrupted us by saying if you want to stay in a good hotel, you should go to Devka beach because there is very few hotels near Jampore beach. After listen to him me and my husband are really got confused and we looking at each other and questioning each other by our expressions  that should we believe on him or not? 

As it’s a new city and we don’t know anyone here so it’s natural to have doubt on taxi driver, but we decide to consider his advice and had a quick search over google for hotels at Devka beach, and finalize that we will first visit Devka beach, will take a quick and rough look on hotels, if we found them ok only then we will take drop there otherwise will move to Jampore beach.

After reached at Devka beach we found Taxi driver seems right at his advice. There are beach resorts which are having beautiful sea view. Many hotels located at beach side, there was lovely view which we are watching through taxi. Now I will tell you about Devka beach.

Devka beach of Daman

As we have heard with one of our friend that Devka beach is not clean enough to visit, there are many thoughts in our mind about the beach. Yes, I was talking about the view. Taxi is moving in speed because there is no traffic. As we were reaching near beach, cool wind was blowing. When we saw beach through distance we can’t understand is that beach or cloud. 

I was amazed to see the view. I asked my husband is that water or its just a clouds and he said feel the beauty you will differentiate automatically. yes!! he was right when we reached near the beach I can see the beach. 

I love beaches so much and I always lost after seeing beaches. Than taxi stopped and I came out of my imagination. There is a beautiful beach resort in front of the beach. We get in and completed all the formalities and we get our room. Through balcony beach can be seen and belive me the view was amazing so after taking rest we decided to go on the beach. 

Here don’t forget to negotiate over rates for room. Some times they over charged but you can negotiate over room charges and complimentary services includes. 

The beach was muddy and having rocks there. Water is too far from shore. We decided to cross all rocks and touches to seaside. Mud is so slipperier and having sharp edges of rocks but all these obstacles was not sufficient to stop our excitement. Finally after crossing of half an mile way of mud and sharp rocks we finally reached at point from where rocks ends and clean water started, there were heavenly sound of sea water additionally having beautiful view of endless sea. We enjoyed there unforgettable moments there. There were some professional photographers are also there. We asked one photographer to come with us and took our pictures. The view was awesome there for photography. I can’t describe my excitement in words. You can check it out by my pictures!!

So all I can say is we enjoyed a lot. There were some snacks vendors with there small stalls at beach also. we enjoyed snacks and drinks there. There was a children park also. My daughter enjoyed a lot there.

 So our experience is good there. After having so much fun we got tired and we moved to hotel for rest. After few hours we had a walk and had shopping there in market. 

At evening beach side looks lovely, it’s full of life there. Dance and music was part of many hotels there in open garden areas of hotels. 

Jampore Beach

Next day we visited Jampore beach. This is the cleanest beach of Daman. Water of Jampore beach is so clean.After reaching there we were amazed to see the beautiful view of the beach.There are many water sports also. People can have so much fun here. We enjoyed a lot. It’s a peace there because it’s away from city. The mud is black here also. My daughter was use to enjoy so much in sea water. She didn’t want to come out of the water.

 At evening time water is coming so fast towards beach and the wind is so fast. Even you can feel raise in water level by every wave coming out from sea. We clicked many pictures. There were photographers also who gives pictures in 10 minutes. The atmosphere of the beach is so good. Families can go there. There were many stalls of snacks also. If you want some shopping you can purchase many things from there. 

Best time to visit Daman

Best time to visit Daman is October to March. The pleasant climate makes Daman a place that every beach lover wants to visit. The beauty of Daman looks more beautiful in  monsoon season. There is a festival called Nariyal purnima, that is celebrated in monsoon season. People can have more fun during the festival. 

My experience

So overall my experience of Daman is wonderful. Three days are sufficient to visit Daman in a quick way.

 I personally liked the beaches there. So if you are planning to go Daman, go for it,explore it.  Don’t judge by google reviews. 

We had found many negative views about Devka beach but the experience there was just differ from reviews. Although it’s muddy and having sharp rocks but it has its own way of enjoyment. There are different people having different opinions. So, just visit Daman and explore it, you won’t be disappointed.