My home work out routine

         My Home Workout routine

 Healthy life with a healthy body is today’s world requirement but there are very few people who are maintaining a healthy lifestyle with no diseases. For keeping our body fit, regular exercise is very important. It keeps you healthy and active. We can’t go for walking, gym and yoga classes nowadays because of corona so all we can do is home workout. Home workout is the best option for keeping yourself active full day.

This article is specially for all the ladies who can’t join a gym, they can set up a mini gym with less costly equipment. I am sharing my home workout routine. I hope it can give you motivation for your fitness. I am sharing some gym equipment which I use for my workout. So, let’s start with my workout routine.

  1. Manual Treadmill

Running is always a good exercise for keeping yourself fit but everyone can not go out for running daily. Many people hesitate to run out and some don’t have time to go out and run. Treadmill is the best exercise for weight loss. Motorized treadmills give so much energy when running on it but it is costly also. If anyone can afford it, then it’s good, go for it but there are many people who can’t afford it and many of us don’t want to spend that much money on treadmills. For those, manual treadmills are the best option. We get a high intensity workout and no electricity is needed for a manual treadmill. I have been using a manual treadmill for the last 5 years and it’s really helpful for me. I can run on it whenever I get time in the morning or evening. 10 minutes running is enough for a manual treadmill. Manual treadmill is a better option for those who want a treadmill and don’t want to spend much.

  1. Twister 

Twister is the best exercise for losing waist fat. 5 to 7 minute workout is sufficient on twister. Twister exercises strengthen your core, so they may help you avoid back injury. Twister  may help you achieve some muscle tone and it takes away fat around your midsection.

I always do twister exercises after running on the treadmill. 

  1. Skipping

Skipping has always been a popular and the best home exercise. Skipping itself is a workout for the full body. Always include skipping in your workout routine. Start with 50 rather than 100 and push yourself to do more. I skip 500 times daily. It gives me strength and helps me to lose weight. Skipping improves heart health and it is the best cardio exercise. Skipping increases body flexibility and decreases body fat. so go for it and fit your body.

  1. Dumbbells exercise

 Dumbbells are a good exercise for tightening the loose body. With dumbbells we can tighten our loose parts of the body. You can purchase dumbbells or if you have some old dumbbells you can use it also. I have some old dumbbells at my home so i use them.  I have tightened my arms with dumbbell exercises. Dumbbells are a good exercise for reducing side fat also. Always include dumbbell exercise in your workout routine.

  1. Exercise on mat

We can do many cardio exercises on the mat. Without mat our back can hurt. Abs workout performs mostly on the mat. You can watch through YouTube also. there are many cardio exercise.

  1. Toning belt

Toning belt is a good way to perform many exercises. I have purchased a toning belt and it’s giving really good results. I am happy with my purchase. There are many exercises which can be done easily with the help of a toning belt.

So, guys this is my home workout routine with equipment. The advantage of home workout is we can do as we get suitable time. I don’t wake up early, so I start my workout routine when I get time in the morning. Always consult your doctor if you have any problem related to health. If you don’t want to purchase equipment just purchase skipping rope, yoga mat and a toning belt. Believe Me it will work for you. Regular exercise is very important for keeping body fit and for weight loss also. Always repeat your exercise three times, it means three sets. Most important thing is diet. Be strict with your diet and you can always have a cheat day on weekends. As  I do. 🙂

Enjoy your home workout.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe.

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