Life Of Middle Class People

There are different opinions and explanations about life. I have never seen anyone saying I don’t have any complaints with my life. I think we all have some points which we want to be fulfilled . 

Sometimes I feel like only celebrities and rich people are enjoying their life. Our life is wasted.
Actually this is truth middle class people are suffering much. Neither they are rich nor poor. They have house but they have loans too. They can’t ask any help from others because people will Judge them wrong. 
Poors get help from government and people also but middle class people suffers. They have limited sources of income but they have to expand much.
They want their child get good education in a reputed school but the fee structure kills them.
There are two types of middle class- 
1.upper middle class
2.lower middle class
Upper middle class people have atleast some savings bur lower middle class people just living their life with limited sources.
If we will talk about covid 19, most affected people are from middle class.
The people who are in privet jobs and the businessmen who earn on daily basis their future are in dark. They dont know how they will get over from this situation.
They have to pay loan. They have to pay the school fee of their child. Some have to marry their kids.Some people are suffering from many kind  of disease and lots of expenses they have which are the part of their life. 
They earn and they manage to do all their expenses but this so called virus covid 19 has destroyed their life.
I am sure about this now in this situation,middle class people spending their days in many tensions.
I hope we can get are lives back. We can roam to places, and meet our families and friends. We all are missing are previous life.
Life gives different lessons to all.
All we need to be positive but I know it’s not possible to be positive sometimes.
All we can do is to try to be happy and pray to God for our bright future.