How to stop Heat Stroke before it strike

 Heat Stroke –  

As we all know this is the peak of summer season. For at least three following months we need to be careful about heat and humidity. This season requires more care for diet and a regular schedule so that we could minimize heat and humidity effect on our body. 

Heat and Humidity – 

During Summer season when temperature is at its maximum, this peak of temperature is followed by humidity in climate resulting in heat stroke, fever and dehydration most commonly. In some cases more diseases are also effective. 

So we need to understand reasons and remedies for heat stroke before it strike and other diseases due to high temperature and humidity in the climate.  

What is heat stroke

When the human body overheats due to exposure with high temperature. The severe condition is known as heat stroke. 

Causes of Heat Stroke

In normal condition the body generates heat and dissipates it in the form of sweat, when extreme external heat and humidity become the reason of dissipating failure results as rising body temperature. Exposure in direct sunlight or/and humidity, dehydration and unnecessary sweat control may be probable causes of heat stroke.      

Symptoms of heat stroke-

  1. High body temperature – if someone found a temperature more than normal after exposure to heat can cause heat stroke.

  2. Vomiting –  if someone vomiting after exposure to heat can cause heat stroke

  3. Skin response – if skin may turn reddish or dry after exposure to heat can cause heat stroke.

  4. Activities – irritation, agitation, seizures etc after exposure to heat can cause heat stroke.

  5. High pulse rate – pulse rate higher than normal after exposure to heat can cause heat stroke. 

  6. Headache – Headache after exposure to heat can cause heat stroke. 

  7. Rapid breathing – rapid and shallow after exposure to heat can cause heat stroke. 

Effects of heat stroke

If someone has symptoms of heat stroke then this situation must not be ignored. Heat stroke can damage the heart, brain, kidney and muscles. A worsening situation can lead to coma or death. So timely treatment of heat stroke is required. 

First aid for heat stroke victim – 

First aid is always beneficial in terms of protecting the victim from organ failure or permanent damage. Every minute is accountable as first aid. So if you find any victim around you, you should follow the first aid procedure to save the victim.

Very first take the victim to the shady area then remove his clothes. further spray cool water on the victim’s body and  let provide the space for natural air for breathing. 

Seek help from emergency health service, follow their instructions until they reach the spot. 

Precautions from heat stroke –  

Behavioral precautions

Always wear light colored full sleeves clothes, get protected against sunburn, avoid physical activities in hot and humid weather.  

Diet and food related precautions – 

  1. Always rehydrate your body by consuming water frequently, drink water before leaving home, keep a water bottle while going out in summers. Consume water time to time.

  2. Avoid spicy food, always have fresh food. Salad including Cucumber, onion with lunch. 

  3. Fresh Coconut water, lemon water, wood apple juice, sugarcane juice etc consume frequently. 

Precautions are better than cure, this is true but if once became a victim, don’t waste your time to consult your doctor immediately and follow as prescribed by doctor. .