Homemade hair oil for hair fall control

Nowadays we all are facing a major problem that is hair fall. 
Girls and boys both are struggling with hair fall. The main reason behind hair fall is stress and pollution. We all are having some problems in our life. 
Some people have work stress, some have financial problems and some have family-related problems. 
Such problems remain with us every time, so we have to deal with it.
Today I am here with a homemade hair oil remedy which has many benefits for hairs. It helps in the growth of hairs and prevents from hair fall problem. 
I have done an experiment on my hairs and It’s giving me a really good result.
As chemical-free hair oil is always best for our hairs, I am also using it and believe me it really works.
Let’s see the ingredients to prepare hair oil at home –

-Coconut Oil – 500 ml
-Curry Leaves – Half Cup
Bhringaraj Leaf Powder – 4 Tbsp
-Hibiscus Flower dried- 1/4 cup
Neem Leaf Powder – 1/4 Cup
Fenugreek Seeds- 4 Tbsp
-Brahmi Powder- 4tbsp
Clean and wash the Curry leaves, as curry leave has many benefits for hairs.
If you are using dried Bhringaraj Leaves, make sure they are clean.
Hibiscus flowers dried- Choose only good flower.
First, pour the coconut oil into an IRON Pan as iron is beneficial for hairs, if you don’t have an iron pan you can use another pan also.
Keep the oil on Medium Heat and wait till you see bubbles forming on the soil surface. Once it heated up Now put all the ingredients into the oil and mix it.
Slowly mix it on medium flame till all the ingredients mixed well and it’s colour turn black. Now turn off the flame and let the oil rest with the ingredients for 24 hours.
After 24 Hours, Strain the oil with a strainer and remember to keep it in a glass bottle. 
Massage your hair with this oil with a cotton ball or you can use your fingertips.
Use once to twice a week for at least 3 months to get expected results. 
With the regular use, I am able to maintain healthy growth in hairs as well as a low rate of hair fall.
So guys, Try this homemade chemical-free, absolute natural hair oil and share your experience.
All the best !!