Covid 19 vaccine and vaccination process started in India

 Vaccine and vaccination plan for covid 19 in India

So…. Here we come up with most awaited Vaccine for Pandemic Covid-19. This Pandemic Shocks the whole world around Ten Months. Roughly one million People lost their life due to Pandemic worldwide, billions of still suffering from this danger and count is still up.  

Virology Scientists from many countries tried to develop vaccine since months. Finally, we have good news around us that scientists are successful to develop effective Vaccine for Covid-19. 

Vaccines in India

In India, two vaccines are most effective and ready to serve for Indians from today i.e. 16th January 2021. 

1st is Covishield by Serum Institute of India.

This is Pune based institute into a collaboration with the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca to manufacture the vaccine. This vaccine was developed from weaker particles of adenovirus which found in Chimpanzee. This vaccine contains genetic material of Corona’s spic protein, which helps to make strong immune system. It can be effective more than 90% and it requires temperature to maintain a range of 2 – 8 Degrees.  

2nd is Covaxin, which was developed and manufactured by Bharat Biotech’s BSL-3 (Bio-Safety Level -3) high containment facility.

In this vaccine, virus had mixed up with chemical beta propiolactone to inactive Corona virus. Resulting virus could not expand or multiply. it requires temperature to maintain a range of 2 – 8 Degrees.

Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approved both of the vaccines for Use in India.


Today is the first day of vaccination in our country. 

Total of 1.65 crores of Douses already shipped and reached to 2934 vaccination centers through the nation. Government targeted to vaccinate around three lakhs health works for the first day. For this vaccination 2 lakhs health workers were trained nationwide. 

Around 10 million Doctors and health workers, 20 million Army and police personnel’s and 8 million others higher priority persons will coverup in first phase of vaccination. Vaccination will be done in two douses; 2nd douse will be given after 28 days of first one. 

As of early preparation, government develops 28,932 cold chain stores to keep vaccine safe and maintain required temperature. 

How to register for Vaccination – 

Government of India developed a mobile Application named Co-VIN app (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network). For register yourself, you need to download this application in your mobile. Any of 12 IDs option will be there to register with application. after this need to follow the instructions and steps carefully, all the proceeding will be informed by SMS and get all major updates you can find on application time to time. 

Vaccination Plan in My City – Agra:

In Agra there are six vaccination centers are allocated, 

1. S.N. Medical College.

2. District Hospital.

3. Lady District Hospital.

4. Pushpanjali Hospital.

5. Etmadpur CHC.

6. Khandauli CHC.

For every center, 100 each vaccination douses (0.5 ml) will be given to Corona Warriors at first day of vaccination. These numbers will be increase by following days. 

Vaccination will be available for all Indians from March this year, please be updated for registration through application. 

In case of any query, complaints and doubts government issues a central helpline number:  011-23978046, 1075 for public interest.

I wish you all the best to every Indian.