Biggest ever Iceberg- start of an End?

    Biggest ever Iceberg- start of an End?

This is the  era of continuous  climate changes worldwide. Reason behind anything, it can be natural or due to human mistakes towards our ecosystem. 

Following article reflects the same. Here in this article I will tell you about the major impact of climate change. 

On our planet, Antarctica is the only source of extreme lowering temperature areas which is responsible for balancing climate with higher temperature areas. This particular area exists at the north pole   of earth and helps earth to calm it’s temperature. Due to the rise in temperature of earth, the ice in Antarctica continuously melting which resulted in sea level. Here ice in the form of glaciers. In Antarctica it’s a continuous and natural process to break glaciers into icebergs and creation of new ice  replaces it there. This process stayed in Antarctica itself. The time of melting the iceberg is approximately equal to time taken to form a new ice section there, so it remains balanced. But, since the last few decades this gap gradually increased which is definitely not a good sign.

Raise in sea level is the biggest threat to us as a huge population resides nearby coastal areas worldwide. 

Recently an iceberg detached from the glacier and floating separately and as of nature it will start melting soon. 

So what’s a big deal in it, every year thousands of icebergs are detached and melt down into the sea. 

The problem is it’s size. What do you think about its size. Ok let me tell you, it’s huge … Huge sized like a state in itself. Yes it’s around seven times bigger than Mumbai. Scientists named it iceberg A-76and it’s placed in Weddell sea and detached from Brunt ice shell.  Approximate size of iceberg is around 4320 square km area, it’s 170 km in length and 25 km in width. European Space Agency’s satellite noticed it first. According to the agency, sea temperature is rising in this area which is the reason behind this incident. 

This iceberg will remain floating in the sea and can lead to a big disaster.

Some scientists stated that it’s an absolute natural process and has nothing to do with climate change by human activities. Whereas another group of scientists claims that human made pollution and climate change due to human encroachment in the ecosystem is responsible for this iceberg formation. 

Whatever is the reason behind formation, it’s sure that melting of glaciers is not a good sign for the existence of human beings on earth.

We must be careful and responsible for our duties towards the ecosystem.