Beginning of my trip of Gujarat

Recently I visited Gujarat. There are many places in Gujarat which everyone must visit. In this article I am sharing my travel experience of Gujrat. I started my journey with my husband and daughter from Agra. We decided to go by air. Recently we had heard about the flights from Agra to Ahmedabad. So, we thought of going from Agra instead of Delhi as it would be convenient for us to go from Agra. 

We booked the ticket and started shopping excitedly. A week before our journey we got an email that our flight had been cancelled due to some reasons which they did not disclose. That was really disappointing for us because after the pandemic it was the most awaited trip. As our plan was already fixed so we decided not to cancel the trip. We thought of going by train and we booked a ticket in tatkal category. 

Start of our journey 

Effect of Corona was not over then but at that time there were no cases. That’s why we chose to go on a trip. We were travelling in a second AC coach. Because of the pandemic Railways are not providing sheets and blankets. If you are traveling by train, make sure to carry blankets and all the safety measures like hand sanitizers and masks. Finally our journey started . 

We were ready with the luggage and booked a taxi to reach the station and guess what we can’t find any taxi in OLA application. My heart was beating fast and I started praying to God as I don’t want to cancel my trip. This was the second time when something happened and I doubted but hopefully we got a taxi. I was cheering from inside. I was super excited for my trip but the tension was not over.

 Margin of time was less. If we got traffic, there was a high chance of not reaching the station on time. I said to my taxi driver to drive fast as we don’t have much time. He was really a good driver. He drove fast but carefully and we reached the station on time. I was relaxed after reaching the station. I knew our trip could not be cancelled now. We rushed in a hurry. After entering the train we settled the luggage and sat peacefully.

Journey of Train

Train journeys are relaxing. As there is a lot of space to sleep also. Seats of the second AC coaches are quite big. We were going to Ahmedabad and after reaching we had to move to Rajkot at my sister’s place. So after settling the luggage we set our blanket and went to sleep. It’s a 14 hours journey but the advantage of the train journey is that we can sleep 8 to 10 hours. Next day we reached Ahmedabad and we decided not to waste our time and booked a bus ticket for Rajkot.

 It was a tiring journey, as we already had a long journey by train. After traveling for 6 hours we finally reached Rajkot at my sister’s place. Our journey did not end then, it just started. We had long planned to visit many places.

I will share my journey in the next article..

Stay tuned to read my exciting journey of Gujarat..