A place, every girl want after marriage

A place, every girl loves after marriage in a joint family
Here my views about a place which loves most by every girl. it’s her favourite place which is her room.
When a girl entered in a big house after marriage she don’t feel comfortable. She always lost in her previous memories. She left a home where she was like princess. But when she comes in new house after marriage she don’t feel the treatment like princess. Although People in new house treated her like queen but princess is far more better than this new queen.
After some time she self introduced her to her room by the way she is living in this house since her first day after marriage but  after many days she feels that this room belongs to her actually , It’s her room. No one is going to make restrictions. Than she decorate her room with her favourite things.
A girl can feel this feeling only when she gets the room where no one interfares. She can do what she wants. Now she feels like princess here.
If I talk about myself, my in-laws house is very big and most important thing no one is restricting me. Still I love only my room. I feels like heaven here. I love to click pictures and frame it. I have places many pictures in my room.
I can sing here, I can dance here, I can act here like no one is watching me. I can sit here like I want. I can sleep here like I want. I can lying here back and use my phone while shaking my legs . I can talk to my friends and family and no one will going to listen our talks.
Folks, If anyone tried to spy on you, trust me girls go and raise your voice, because it’s your right to privacy.
It’s a favourite place of every girl I am sure about this.  That is second favourite place of every girl after her parents house.

Every girl needs this place after marriage for settling down. She came here after leaving her own house where she has been born and brought up. She came here for a boy,  she expected to treat her like princess. If he will not behave her properly what will she do? Where she will go?
Can u guys just  imagine what a girl feels when she leaves her home, her parents, her brother and sister? I am sure u can’t even imagine but a girl do this.
So it’s a duty of every husband to make a heaven for her. You can start this by doing it in just a room with her opinion.
If you want to take respect from a girl, first you have to give respect to her.