8 qualities that every girl wants in her Man

8 qualities that every girl wants in her Man

A woman always wishes to have the man of her dreams. She has many wishes that she wants in her man. All the girls always considered her father as the best man in the world and they always wanted a strong man in her life like their father. Every girl is not lucky enough to get her dream man. In today’s world, where we have some broad minded people but there are some narrow minded also. Girls are independent but they are facing domestic violence also. So never follow mob mentality. Always choose the right man. As I think parents always choose the best man for you. They have a big list of qualities better than you. I can say parents always choose the best for you because I have a man who is the best and I know every girl thinks like that only for her husband. So, here I am writing things that every woman wants in her husband.

  1. He should be a good listener

A good listener is always the best choice of every girl. Girls wish to have a husband that listens to her properly. Most girls don’t share things with everyone, so they want their man to listen to her and understand her. After marriage there are many things that are new to a girl so she has many things to complain about but she don’t say anything if her husband listens to her. So, be a husband with good listening qualities.

  1. He always consider your family as his family

A man who consider girl’s family as his family, is the real gem. I have seen many boys who always say the girl’s family as your papa, your mummy, never calling them as papa, mummy. My husband never calls my parents like that and I like this so much. He always helps my family and supports them in good and bad times. That’s the qualities that every girl wants. 

  1. He always support her in ups and downs

I have heard many times from different people that husband and wife is the pillar and holds the family. Actually it’s true in the real world. If they both understand each other, family will go smoothly otherwise life can spoil. It’s necessary for both to understand each other well. A girl always wants her man to always be supportive for her in ups and downs. 

  1. He should be loving and caring

A girl’s biggest desire is that her husband should be loving and caring. Love can heal all the sorrow and problems. A girl can survive in any condition if her husband is loving and caring. She can bear ignorance of all family members but if the husband ignores her she can’t tolerate it. Love and care is the quality that every girl wants in her man.

  1. He should never jealous of her success

It’s very important for a girl to be independent and many girls want to start their career after marriage also. There are many girls who earn better than her husband. She always wants her man to support her in her career and career decisions. It should be a duty of every man  to support her and never get jealous of her success. 

  1. He should be a one woman man

Loyalty is very important in any relationship. Without loyalty relations are like formality. If a man cheats on his wife, he is not just cheating her, he is cheating her emotions, her love and care.  Cheating can not be hidden for so long. Loyalty is important from both sides. So don’t take advantage of her goodness. A girl always wants a one woman man.

  1. He should be protective more than possessive

Every girl likes a protective man who protects her with care more than possessiveness. Possessiveness can be accepted in a good manner, but if a man is over possessive and it is not right if he stops her in everything. I have seen many husbands who control their wife for everything like he decides what to wear, where to go and with whom she can be friendly or not. I mean it’s disgusting. That’s why a protective husband is far better than a possessive one.

  1. He should always respect her

Respect is very important for a girl to live in her husband’s home. Without respect life is like an animal, you are living but not like humans. Every girl wants respect from her man. If he is respecting her, his family members automatically respect her. I have seen in many families where the husband doesn’t take care of his wife and doesn’t give her respect as well, there his family members also insult his wife. So, respect is very important for a girl and it should be.

These are the qualities that most women want in a man. Above qualities are from the realistic world. My article is not inspired from any Bollywood or Hollywood movie.it is based on my views. I hope all women have the man of her dreams. I will suggest to all women, never run after money but always choose the right man by thinking from mind not from heart because all the right decisions should be chosen from mind.