What is Yass Cyclone –

 Now Indian Meteorological Department- Govt. Of India, issued a new warning about another cyclone, Yaas. The warning issued  for the Yaas Cyclone is about 120 hours from morning  hours of 24th May 2021. The major impact will be there in Andman nicobar islands, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa states.

Authorities said The reason behind developing the Yaas Cyclone is, increase in sea surface temperature resulting in a low pressure system is likely to be created at Northcentral region of Bay of Bengal, This system has potential to be converted into a cyclonic storm during the stated time. 

Why it’s named as Yaas – 

“Yaas” is the name given by Oman to this cyclone, which means “disappointment”.  Before “Yaas’ ‘ we faced the “Tauktae Cyclone”, this name is given to this cyclone by Myanmar which is named after a lizard, which is used to be found there.     

If this storm covert into cyclone than it will be first cyclone of the year in Bay of Bengal and second in country after Tauktae Cyclone. If all the predictions would be correct about Yaas cyclone than it might be stronger than Tauktae cyclone. It’s a matter of time how strong it will  be when it impacts coastal areas. Last year there were two cyclones, Nisarga and Amphan, which impacted both coastal sides in India. 


IMD issued a warning of Heavy rain and stormy winds for the said duration nearby coastal areas of West Bengal and Orissa. People are advised to not enter the sea area there and stay away from coastal areas. 

There is a continuous rise in temperature globally which is a major reason for such cyclones repetitions.